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How to cope with disappointments

You know that moment in your life when you think you have everything mapped out? That moment when you feel like you can write your tomorrow accurately and precisely?  and then all of a sudden the whole plan collapses in front of you like the biblical walls of Jericho.

The shock that seizes your heart, the fear for the tomorrow you already planned, the anger at your poor luck, the uncertainty that follows and the total lack of courage to start from the scratch. All these emotions come together to form a tight ball in your chest!

Well I was alien to this experience until last week when my career plans collapsed right in front of me. Fear became my shadow, following me about like a bad scent. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed with myself, the world and the powers that be.

But the good in the bad was that it got me thinking about other people out there who have experienced such a huge disappointment, I barely handled mine and I wondered about people who couldn't handle the…
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Are you young, inexperienced but ambitious? You might need this...

"Find another hobby pal, you can never make it with this...

"You want to be an artist? Yeah right..."

"You are too young to write..."

"You suck at this..."

You must have heard these lines before. Maybe from a loved one or someone you respect and look up to? Did you feel bad and discouraged?
Well, my advice? One young person to another?  You can actually do whatever you want to do at whatever age. It could be writing or painting or drawing or dancing whatever you love, yes you can! But how do you cope with being young and inexperienced? Here are tips that could make your dreams play out before your very eyes.

1. Start Now! When is the best time to start actualizing your goals and dreams? The time is now! Many people think that before you start or do something you have to be super good at it. Well, being good at something comes from practice. You get better on the job. Technically that …

10 Things Dancing Could Do To Your Personality!

Every body loves to dance! Even the'Bad Dancers' have a gig they can't help but nod their heads to. To the rhythm or off beat, it doesn't matter. But Dancing and Personality? Who ever thought the two could tango!

1. Dancing especially in front of a person or an audience helps beat shyness!

2. Dancing gets you high like Nicotine especially when you enjoy it!

3. It puts you in a good mood! Just because it's fun.

4. Dancing helps you see possibilities. Makes you attempt breaking your neck!

5. It helps you communicate. You actually interpret emotions when dancing!

6. It helps you get organized and creative only if you are dancing to the beat!

7. Dancing helps you develop team spirit!

8. Do you have trust issues? You might need to dance more!

9. It puts you at instant ease with your pals  and other people!

10.Dancing helps relieve stress which makes you a friendlier person.

What else does dancing do to your personality? kindly comment in the comments section below, shar…


In my second year in the university,  I took a course titled 'Physiological Chemistry'. And I loved it! In this course one of the topics we treated was 'The Fight or Flight response' which was one of my most interesting topics in school.
Fight and flight response refers to a specific biochemical reaction that both humans and animals experience during intense fear or stress. The brain synthesizes a cascade of hormones that determine how we react to stress or danger.
Away from physiology and school. The interesting part of this topic to me was the fact that in the face of danger and stress we are wired with options which didn't surprise me as life is full of options but in the face of danger we also have two options FIGHT or FLEE!

This is interesting because it means that we can actually choose, no matter the danger. While it is wise to get off the road if a truck is about to knock you down, it is also wise to discern dangers that are worth fighting. We face a lot of…

Could this be the cure for Depression?

It is normal in our days to come across people who are depressed or suffering from depression. According to WHO, it is recorded that about 350 million people world wide are currently suffering from depression. Depression is a very common mental illness. One in ten people you meet everyday are suffering from depression.
But the essence of this article is to share the story of someone I met, who desperately wants her story to be shared as she believes it might help someone.  According to her, drugs, self motivation, anti-depressants, groups and all other prescribed remedies did not seem to be helping. In fact the consciousness of attending group meetings because she was depressed was depressing for her. Then one night she had an experience she would like to share. We might not accept it, but let us remember that it really happened to somebody like us.
This is her story:

"The night was cold and soft droplets of raining kept hitting the roof. I was lying on my bed listening to the g…

Personality, Purpose and Pace.

While I am young and considered inexperienced, I think I am qualified to share my thoughts based on my relationship with people so far and my interactions with life itself. I remember going home from practicals in school one day when a question struck my mind.
Why do some people end up better than others in life?
Why are some more successful than others?
Now there are many possible reasons for this, some of which has nothing to the with the individual, but there is a reason that has everything to do with the individual.
That day I started to analyze people I have come across in life, I wouldn't know the story of everybody but I know the story of some people I know personally.  I know people in my life who are quite brilliant and smart, academically sound with good qualifications, hard working, innovative and good. These people have met all the requirements or standards an otherwise successful person would be said have,  but they cannot be called successful.  I know the term succes…

Flies Don't Perch on Burning Pots

Ever wondered where people find the time to gossip, criticize, begrudge and plot mischief in such a busy world? Some people live to cause conflict and inflict pain. While there are a thousand reasons for this, there is one cause we should pay attention to:"Idleness". Idleness is defined as a state of being inactive. It is believed that an idle person does nothing, but the reality is that an idle person is actually busy doing nothing or busy being idle.   An idle person is actually doing something. Idleness is an activity.  As long as blood flows through the veins of a person,  there is a desire to be active,  but the problem is that some people are either actively doing nothing or actively doing something.  Let's talk about individuality, you probably have time to notice that your neighbor did not come home last night or that your friend is not up to date with fashion because you are obviously busy doing nothing at that time. It is one thing to be observant but it is an…