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Could this be the cure for Depression?

It is normal in our days to come across people who are depressed or suffering from depression. According to WHO, it is recorded that about 350 million people world wide are currently suffering from depression. Depression is a very common mental illness. One in ten people you meet everyday are suffering from depression.
But the essence of this article is to share the story of someone I met, who desperately wants her story to be shared as she believes it might help someone.  According to her, drugs, self motivation, anti-depressants, groups and all other prescribed remedies did not seem to be helping. In fact the consciousness of attending group meetings because she was depressed was depressing for her. Then one night she had an experience she would like to share. We might not accept it, but let us remember that it really happened to somebody like us.
This is her story:

"The night was cold and soft droplets of raining kept hitting the roof. I was lying on my bed listening to the g…

Personality, Purpose and Pace.

While I am young and considered inexperienced, I think I am qualified to share my thoughts based on my relationship with people so far and my interactions with life itself. I remember going home from practicals in school one day when a question struck my mind.
Why do some people end up better than others in life?
Why are some more successful than others?
Now there are many possible reasons for this, some of which has nothing to the with the individual, but there is a reason that has everything to do with the individual.
That day I started to analyze people I have come across in life, I wouldn't know the story of everybody but I know the story of some people I know personally.  I know people in my life who are quite brilliant and smart, academically sound with good qualifications, hard working, innovative and good. These people have met all the requirements or standards an otherwise successful person would be said have,  but they cannot be called successful.  I know the term succes…

Flies Don't Perch on Burning Pots

Ever wondered where people find the time to gossip, criticize, begrudge and plot mischief in such a busy world? Some people live to cause conflict and inflict pain. While there are a thousand reasons for this, there is one cause we should pay attention to:"Idleness". Idleness is defined as a state of being inactive. It is believed that an idle person does nothing, but the reality is that an idle person is actually busy doing nothing or busy being idle.   An idle person is actually doing something. Idleness is an activity.  As long as blood flows through the veins of a person,  there is a desire to be active,  but the problem is that some people are either actively doing nothing or actively doing something.  Let's talk about individuality, you probably have time to notice that your neighbor did not come home last night or that your friend is not up to date with fashion because you are obviously busy doing nothing at that time. It is one thing to be observant but it is an…

Let's Give Poetry a Chance!

This is one of my work, just something light.

Helpless Hatred

I hate to see people who move like the sands of the sea awashed on the beach, without strength of will and power of choice:  Try moving the crowd.

I hate to see tears on the face of a child beaten by the lashes of hunger, while the parents turn their faces and pretend not to see, claiming that life has been unfair: Teach life how to treat you.

I hate the noise and the noise in the market places, where everybody tries selfishly to be heard over their neighbors, because it just has to be about them: A screaming society.

I hate the pretence and jealousy among friends, who smile their teeth off at each other, but in their  hearts, they murder each other everyday: what happened to honesty?
I hate the gossips and the sneers from neighbors who pretend to care,  but who truthfully want to be updated with your most recent downfall: Evil that men do

I hate the lies men tell in politics and in business, in churches and in institution…

Do You Think Your Life Is Boring?

3 REASONS WHY YOUR LIFE FEELS LIKE A BORE!  While there are people in life who prefer to live like arm chairs and take whatever life throws at them, some other people are more active and would prefer to be doing something. Unfortunately these active people do not always become as active as they want. They end up frustrated and fed up.  Here are some reasons why. 
1. You are not doing what you enjoy.

Nigeria is an interesting country where talents and skills are hardly encouraged. The professional departments of our universities are over burdened because everybody thinks that the only way to make a head way in our crippled economy is to study a professional course. On the contrary the way out is to do something outside the norm. Many people find their jobs and life very boring, because they are not doing what they enjoy. As common as baking is or even wire work is, if you enjoy it, you should go for it. This is not to discourage education, but this is to encourage your course of inter…

A New Dawn.

You start living the day you realize that you can actually be more than you are.  You start living the day you wake up and determine to be bigger than you are.  The grave is a very rich place because people die without using their potentials locked up inside of them. This is new for me. I have decided to start living. I am out of my shell, it actually took a broken shell to teach me. So wherever you are,whatever you are doing, you can actually be better than you are.