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Flies Don't Perch on Burning Pots

Ever wondered where people find the time to gossip, criticize, begrudge and plot mischief in such a busy world? Some people live to cause conflict and inflict pain. While there are a thousand reasons for this, there is one cause we should pay attention to:"Idleness". Idleness is defined as a state of being inactive. It is believed that an idle person does nothing, but the reality is that an idle person is actually busy doing nothing or busy being idle.   An idle person is actually doing something. Idleness is an activity.  As long as blood flows through the veins of a person,  there is a desire to be active,  but the problem is that some people are either actively doing nothing or actively doing something. 
Let's talk about individuality, you probably have time to notice that your neighbor did not come home last night or that your friend is not up to date with fashion because you are obviously busy doing nothing at that time. It is one thing to be observant but it is another thing to observe nothing. 
Being idle is dangerous,  not just dangerous, it destroys your life and reduces you to nothing.  Flies do not perch on a burning pot because the pot is actively doing something that can ward off the flies. The problem is not doing something, it is what you are doing. When you leave yourself idle, you become a house for everything and anything  It is actually possible to be busy doing nothing. 
A student who is not busy being a student is busy being a truant. The office clerk can gossip on the job and take long family calls at work because she has refused to be busy doing something useful.  You have to decide what you would be busy doing. You can sit like an idle pot and do nothing or you can be a burning pot that wards off the flies. Start burning, you could produce something that could change your world. 
Instead of causing conflict, plotting mischief and being unproductive, try being creative, useful and innovative.


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