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Personality, Purpose and Pace.

While I am young and considered inexperienced, I think I am qualified to share my thoughts based on my relationship with people so far and my interactions with life itself. I remember going home from practicals in school one day when a question struck my mind.
Why do some people end up better than others in life?
Why are some more successful than others?
Now there are many possible reasons for this, some of which has nothing to the with the individual, but there is a reason that has everything to do with the individual.
That day I started to analyze people I have come across in life, I wouldn't know the story of everybody but I know the story of some people I know personally.  I know people in my life who are quite brilliant and smart, academically sound with good qualifications, hard working, innovative and good. These people have met all the requirements or standards an otherwise successful person would be said have,  but they cannot be called successful.  I know the term success can be relative but there is a level of comfort and achievement that should be generally accepted.  I looked at these people I know,  and decided that it had to be more than output. I came to the conclusion that people are made by their choices.
Life is generally about the choices we make, from fertilization till death,  choices are made. There are choices which you cannot influence such as your gender, your complexion, your height,  your age and some other things which other people must decide for you, But there are some foundational choices which you must make by yourself and such choices can make or break you.
1. Your Personality : The competition of nature and nurture's influence on a person would never come to an end,  but a person can actually choose who he or she wants to be.  I believe in temperaments but I don't believe your temperament should control you. A sanguine by nature and nurture, should not blame his temperament if he talks his life away, you might be a choleric but you should control what the urge for control does to you.  You can choose your personality despite what people call you. This could go a long way in helping you make your future. Your personality can attract people to you.

2. Your Purpose : There is a school of thought that believes that everybody is born with a purpose which they cannot escape from,  but I believe that you can determine your purpose in life. The expert armed robber,  has the same smartness with a police officer,  he just decided to use it differently. A woman must not be a prostitute just because she is 'sexy'.  I know that there are situations in life that could push us,  but I still believe that you can decide where you want to be pushed to. You know yourself better than anyone,  you know what you can do and what you enjoy doing, don't let people form you for you. Your group of friends mustn't decide how you should live your life,  your parents shouldn't decide that you study medicine or law. You can choose and decide what you want to do with yourself. It's actually up to you.

3. Your Pace: You can decide to drag yourself like the string or you can release yourself like the stone.  It's up to you to decide how many times you want to repeat a class before you graduate.
You can decide when you finally want to start that business. You can choose to have a next plan or not.  Your speed in life is entirely your choice. How you carry out your visions and plans is also up to you.

While these foundational decisions are not a surety that anybody would be successful in life,  because they are based entirely on different individuals,  they are stepping stones,  that no one can jump or skip.  You are your choice. Choose yourself by yourself.
If this article was useful to you kindly let us know by dropping your comments and thoughts in the comments box below.


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