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In my second year in the university,  I took a course titled 'Physiological Chemistry'. And I loved it! In this course one of the topics we treated was 'The Fight or Flight response' which was one of my most interesting topics in school.
Fight and flight response refers to a specific biochemical reaction that both humans and animals experience during intense fear or stress. The brain synthesizes a cascade of hormones that determine how we react to stress or danger.
Away from physiology and school. The interesting part of this topic to me was the fact that in the face of danger and stress we are wired with options which didn't surprise me as life is full of options but in the face of danger we also have two options FIGHT or FLEE!

This is interesting because it means that we can actually choose, no matter the danger. While it is wise to get off the road if a truck is about to knock you down, it is also wise to discern dangers that are worth fighting. We face a lot of challenges and dangers and stress on a daily basis. From emotional to financial to marital to physical to psychological (to mention but a very few) but in the presence of all these dangers, the good news is that we still have choices to make. We either fight or take flight.

Fighting means facing the challenge head on. Not being a 'scaredy' cat and making up impossible excuses.  A martial challenge for instance must not always end with a divorce. I personally see divorce as a flight response on whatever ground.(inexperienced much? Yeah I know)  Staying to work it out is a fight response.

Fleeing on the other hand is to put on the fearful, defeated and scared attire. Letting life punch your vital signs out of you and envying people who fought.  Which is messed up by the way!

Sometimes we become too sensitive to life's dangers that we end up running away from imaginary problems or running away from challenges we could have faced with a little more effort. 

Giving up is no longer an option. Stop walking on tip toes. Stand your ground, push your self and decide to see possibilities! If you have life in you, then you have a choice to make. You can either wear the crown of defeat and fear or you can push it and record your own success. If your life was a movie would you pay to watch your own story?
Feel free to let us know your thoughts on this. Share this post if you like it and comment in the comments section below. 


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