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Are you young, inexperienced but ambitious? You might need this...

"Find another hobby pal, you can never make it with this...

"You want to be an artist? Yeah right..."

"You are too young to write..."

"You suck at this..."

You must have heard these lines before. Maybe from a loved one or someone you respect and look up to? Did you feel bad and discouraged?
Well, my advice? One young person to another?  You can actually do whatever you want to do at whatever age. It could be writing or painting or drawing or dancing whatever you love, yes you can! But how do you cope with being young and inexperienced? Here are tips that could make your dreams play out before your very eyes.

1. Start Now!

When is the best time to start actualizing your goals and dreams? The time is now! Many people think that before you start or do something you have to be super good at it. Well, being good at something comes from practice. You get better on the job. Technically that is the definition of experience. Knowing something so well due to constant practice. Start now and get the necessary training along the line. It helps you to know the areas you need more or less training.

2. It's ok to be criticized: 

First lesson to learn at a young age: "PEOPLE TALK". People criticize. Some people actually envy what you do, some others wish they could be you. While some actually love you and want to help you get better. The bottom line is if you love what you are doing or want to do, then go for it. This doesn't mean that you can take 'useful' advice from people, but sieve what you hear, take what you need and trash the rest!

3. Stay on it!

Its okay to get discouraged along the line. Sometimes your hopes of making it big seems like a childhood dream, It's normal to get discouraged and quit when your whole dream of being a millionaire before 25 seems to be crashing before your eyes. There would be disappointments, a lot of it but, My advice? "STAY ON IT". Keep doing it. Restructure, replace ideas, revisit the plan, unlearn, relearn, start afresh, just do anything to get better at it and stay on it. If not for anything for the experience right?

4. Talk to people that encourage you. 

Your mum or sibling or your favourite aunt might not know jack about what you are doing but they love you (at least I hope they do). They are likely to encourage anything you want to do. Share your ideas with them. As well as your good friends. They like you and even if you aren't doing a great job they can point you in the right direction kindly.

5. Believe in yourself!

I know that sounds motivational but nobody can do it better than you. The spotlight is in you, we can't know what you've got if you don't perform but to do that, you have to believe that you can. If you are crazy about something,  we all become crazy about it too either in a good crazy or bad crazy.

What you what to be in 10 years time can start now. Everybody wants to make it big, so start now. I have seen a lot of young people who seems to be moving in a brownian motion. Focus and Achieve!

Remember the spotlight is on you and time is ticking... we are waiting for you.

If this article helps you, you might want to encourage somebody else by commenting or sharing.

Also feel free to share similar stories and challenges.  


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